Room With a View

SPRING/BREAK Art Show LA,  February 2020
Curated by Lauren Xandra

Drag is an art form usually first explored in private. The room is a safe zone, reflective of the habitant, and a place replete with possibility to invent or imagine a new self. Beyond the room lies outer space — the world as an unpredictable place. It’s also where a drag queen must go to become fully realized. 

“The artist reveals exaggerated lips and eyes, and a pink feather boa. These features, once immediately attributable to drag, now also remind us of the excessive make-up artistry that’s grown in popularity through online make-up tutorials. Faces are now primed for painting, any and every day. And beyond the limitations of a tangible face, our amorphous Queen is a billowing set of eyes and lips, where her expression is dictated by the style in which her features are painted. Eyebrow too high? She’ll be in disdain forever. Lower liner smudged? She must be an emotional mess!” – Lauren Xandra, curator

5 drawings in glitter on screen print and acrylic on watercolor paper